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Asset Repository WG - 16 Feb 2021


[x] Michael Johnson (Apple) + WG Chair

[ ] Joshua Minor (Pixar + OpenTimelineIO)

[ ] John Mertic (Linux Foundation)

[ ] Nick Porcino (OTIO, OpenEXR / Pixar)

[x] Eric Enderton (NVIDIA, DigiPro)

[ ] Sean McDuffee (Intel)

[ ] Eric Bourque (ADSK)

[ ] Erik Hansen

[x] JT Nelson (Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group)

[x] Lee Kerley (SPI)

[x] Phil Sawicki (Autodesk)

[x] Roman Zulak (Imageworks)

[ ] Orde Stevanoski (Imageworks)

[ ] Cary Phillips (ILM, OpenEXR)

[x] Sebastian Herholz (Intel)

[ ] David Morin

[ ] Sam Richards (Disney Imagineering)

[ ] Will Telford (Autodesk)

[ ] Carson Brownlee (Intel)



  • (Mostly editing the draft proposal, see Meeting Notes Google Doc.)
  • Should we make a shopping list?
    • Antique Mall from Toy Story 4: Pixar has shared with a couple industry partners.
    • If everyone says no, this is a fool’s errand….
    • Ask the TAC to ask their studios.
    • A lot easier for a show you just wrapped. All the converter tools still work, etc.
  • Sebastian: Researchers, e.g. in light transport, don’t need scale of Moana, but they do need to understand the problems you have.
  • Sometimes you need something simpler, like a flattened subset. Or frustum culled.
  • A USD file can still have proprietary schemas. But you can read them, even if all the data can’t necessarily be interpreted.
  • Blue Sky Studios assets?? Their production pipeline was totally unique.
  • Sometimes the studio artist will use the same process on their own IP, say in Blender. Similar quality? A fallback position - not the full value that ASWF can bring.
  • Disney/Pixar shorts? Paperman, Piper … Less interesting because they tend to be experimental, exploring alternate pipelines.
  • Michael to Slack a few more of our regulars, then present at next TAC.
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