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Asset Repository WG - 16 Mar 2021


[x] Michael Johnson (Apple) + WG Chair

[x] Joshua Minor (Pixar + OpenTimelineIO)

[ ] John Mertic (Linux Foundation)

[ ] Nick Porcino (OTIO, OpenEXR / Pixar)

[x] Eric Enderton (NVIDIA, DigiPro)

[x] Sean McDuffee (Intel)

[x] Eric Bourque (ADSK)

[ ] Erik Hansen

[x] JT Nelson (Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group)

[ ] Lee Kerley (SPI)

[x] Phil Sawicki (Autodesk)

[x] Roman Zulak (Imageworks)

[ ] Orde Stevanoski (Imageworks)

[ ] Cary Phillips (ILM, OpenEXR)

[ ] Sebastian Herholz (Intel)

[ ] David Morin

[x] Sam Richards (Disney Imagineering)

[ ] Will Telford (Autodesk)

[ ] Carson Brownlee (Intel)

[X] Sergio Rojas(Arena World)

[x] Haley Kannall (Amazon Web Services)


  • Draft license here.
  • Should we offer more than one?  Could, but we want to avoid confusion.  People still ask about GPL versus LGPL.
  • Include a known open source license, like CC-BY or MIT? Much less work for lawyers. Those licenses don’t restrict use, e.g. you could set your next film on Moana Island. OTOH, donations with a more permissive license are always great. 
  • Sean: Legal concerned about vagueness in first clause.
  • Action Item: Show to your lawyer. If you work for a big company that might contribute assets, use assets, or both - please show to legal dept, see if you can talk them into it, or let us know what concerns arise.
  • Michael will ping the ASWF legal council.
  • Having a license in place may be a prerequisite to asking for asset donations.
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