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Asset Repository WG - 30 Mar 2021


[x] Michael Johnson (Apple) + WG Chair

[x] Joshua Minor (Pixar + OpenTimelineIO)

[x] Sean McDuffee (Intel)

[x] Eric Bourque (Autodesk)

[x] JT Nelson (Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group)

[x] Sebastian Herholz (Intel)

[x] Sergio Rojas (Arena World)

[x] Haley Kannall (Amazon Web Services)

[x] Simran Spiller


  • Steve Winslow, Linux Foundation lawyer for licenses etc, spoke with Michael.
    • Dug into Clause 1, comparing with existing licenses.
    • Can’t relay exactly :-)
  • Action: John and Steve will convene the ASWF “League of Lawyers” to discuss.
    • A subset of ASWF Governing Board and their lawyers. Michael will be there.
    • Both donors and consumers.
  • Action: Let’s get Steve or someone (Creative Commons?) to come explain stuff to this meeting. (See also Josh’s questions on Slack.)

Short meeting.  :-)

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