Under current rules, each ASWF TAC member can designate one voting member of the DPEL TSC.

"Quorum for TSC meetings requires at least fifty percent of all voting members of the TSC to be present. The TSC may continue to meet if quorum is not met but will be prevented from making any decisions at the meeting." (From the Technical Charter.)

TODO - Description of TSC function; link to meetings.


Current voting members of the TSC are:

  • Chair and TAC representative: Eric Enderton - NVIDIA
  • Core committerJoshua Minor - OpenTimelineIO
  • Core committerMichael Johnson - Apple
  • Core committerSean McDuffee - Intel
  • Ben Fischler - Autodesk
  • Haley Kannall - Amazon Web Services
  • Matthew Low - Dreamworks Animation

  • Nick Porcino - Pixar
  • Satish Goda - Netflix Animation

Current non-voting members are:

  • Darin Grant (Animal Logic)
  • Larry Gritz (Sony Imageworks, OSL)
  • John Mertic (Linux Foundation)
  • JT Nelson (Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group)
  • Scott Dyer (AMPAS)
  • Sergio Rojas (Arena World)

Many thanks to everyone for their wisdom and help.

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