January 11, 2021

Host: Doug Walker

Rotating Secretary: Mark Boorer


  • [x] Mark Boorer (TSC) - Industrial Light & Magic
  • [x] Mei Chu (TSC) - Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • [ ] Sean Cooper (TSC ACES TAC Rep) - DNEG
  • [ ] Michael Dolan (TSC Chair) - Epic Games
  • [x] Patrick Hodoul (TSC) - Autodesk
  • [ ] John Mertic - Academy Software Foundation / Linux Foundation
  • [x] Carol Payne (TSC) - Netflix
  • [ ] Mark Titchener (TSC) - Foundry
  • [ ] Carl Rand (TSC) - Weta Digital
  • [x] Bernard Lefebvre - Autodesk
  • [x] Doug Walker (TSC Chief Architect) - Autodesk
  • [x] Kevin Wheatley (TSC) - Framestore
  • [x] Deke Kincaid - Digital Domain
  • [x] Joseph Goldstone - ARRI

Apologies: Michael Dolan Mark Titchner

OCIO TSC Meeting Notes

  • Aiming for 2.0.0 release in a few weeks.

    • Merged a bunch of issues identified last week
    • Maya PR (preview) 121 - beta with OCIO v2 features Maya PR 122 to follow shortly with OCIO v2 as default colour management system.
  • A few outstanding issues

    • Bug in python bindings
    • Some more cleanups from Autodesk
    • Doug working on a config that shows examples of all 2.0 features
  • ACES Working Group gamut mapping, where should it live in OCIO v2

    • Builtin transform or FixedFunction transform?

      • Needs to be in a FixedFunction to implement accurately
      • It has parameters that need to be tweaked.
      • Could have some "presets" mirrored into Builtin transforms if need be.
    • How does adding new Builtins or FixedFunctions relate to OCIO versioning (both config and library)

      • Would neccessitate a minor version update.
        • How does that relate to VFX working platform, (which specifies 2.0.x)
          • Might want to ammend the VFX reference platform as we may have newer patch releases - Doug to investigate
    • More discussion to be had around the addition of the Gamut Mapping implementation as it works through the AMPAS ACES process.

  • Discussion about helping migrate tools / users to v2

    • Is there anything more we could do?
    • Might it be useful to have an API endpoint to write our the "lowest" possible config version.
      • Perhaps this could just be the default behaviour of the API config write
  • Reschedule the Documentation working group so it is on alternate weeks to the ACES v2 config working group.

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