LIst of requests for types of film (or film-like) assets. This is primarily for requests by ASWF projects, but the ASWF TAC will sometimes post requests from related open-source projects, university researchers, or commercial software/hardware projects. To add a request, please propose it on the mailing list.

Description need not mention "feature film complexity" or "production strength", since this is assumed.

TitleCategoryRequestor(s)Preferred File FormatDescription, Purpose, RequirementsLast updated
Example wish list item3DAsset Repo WGUSDShort animation of fur-covered character. For studies of hair shading, anti-aliasing, and motion blur. Need basic hair shading parameters. Don't need animation rig (baked vertices are fine).2021-05-25

Feature/Short Film TimelineVideo/Audio + TimelineOpenTimelineIOOTIO (or AAF, FCPXML, etc.)A full feature or short film timeline, with associated media clips. For understanding of production use cases, we are looking for a working NLE project with many video and audio tracks, clips with trims/handles, transitions, effects, etc. not just a single track with back-to-back clips. Video and audio media could be any format, and need not be high resolution.


Production ShadersShadersOSLOSL (or OSO)A few representative, production-complexity OSL shader networks describing the surface properties of an asset. Ideally the shaders could be re-applied to simpler geometry (such as a sphere) such that it can be run in a simplified environment like testshade or testrender. The goal is to provide the OSL developers some benchmarking targets for tracking performance evolution and comparing different hardware backends.2021-06-30
Movie compression testsVideoReview ApprovalEXR or rawImage sequences that will tax typical movie compressions algorithms, e.g. rain, or particular effects, or fast moving imagery. For now we are mainly looking for HD content at 24 or 60 fps.


Deep imagesEXR deep imagesOpenImageIO (and probably others)EXR "deep""Deep" images suitable for time and memory performance benchmarking and tuning of how apps read, write, merge, and otherwise manipulate true production-complexity deep images. Ideally there are two image elements that make something interesting when deep merged together.  OpenEXR-images has some sample deep images, but they are toys that don't illuminate the true performance characteristics of apps when fed production scale deep images.2021-08-03