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The Academy Software Foundation’s (ASWF) Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) working group will soon be running our annual Summer Learning Program (SLP). This initiative of the D&I working group at the ASWF has a goal of increasing awareness and knowledge of underrepresented communities in the VFX and Animation industry. The 2023 SLP Learners will be from the LGBTQIA+ community, but mentors and speakers do not need to be a part of that community to participate.  

We are looking for industry professionals who would like to participate in building community, professional mentorship, and individual learning with our 20 mentees

We recognize that everyone in this industry will have varying levels of availability. With that in mind, there are several ways you can contribute. You may choose multiple roles from the list below. Those opportunities are:

  • Guest Mentoring
      • Expected Time Commitment: 1 hour
      • When: Once between 06/23 - 08/23
      • What You’ll Do: Fill in for a learner’s regular mentor if they’re unavailable and introduce them to other areas of the industry.

  • Speaker
      • Expected Time Commitment: ~1 hour + prep time
      • When: Once between 06/23 - 08/23 (ideally Thursday evening PST)
      • What You’ll Do: Present on a topic, your career, or speak as part of a moderated panel. There would likely be some Q&A at the end as well

  • Application Reviewer 
      • Expected Time Commitment: ~3 hours
      • When: April 2023
      • What You’ll Do: Give your feedback on applicants materials via a Google Form

  • Mentor
      • Expected Time Commitment: ~10 hours
      • When: Weekly between 05/23 - 08/23
      • What You’ll Do: Meet weekly with your learner for 30 minute touch bases

  • Team Lead
    • Expected Time Commitment: ~15 hours
    • When: Biweekly between 05/23 - 08/23
    • What You’ll Do: Lead a small group of five learners, meeting biweekly to help your learners set and meet their goals

If any, of those opportunities spark an interest feel free to apply here! This program relies on the help of volunteers to make sure our learner’s have the best experience possible. If you have additional questions please email

We wouldn’t be able to successfully execute this program without the help of passionate folks like you! We look forward to working with you,

The ASWF D&I Working Group Summer Learning Program

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