These sources are not explicitly endorsed or recommended by the ASWF.

These are solely suggestions from Summer Learning Program Volunteers and Learners.

Educational Resources


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Online Training

Software Packages


  • ArtStation - Learning: Video tutorials for most major software packages, challenges, and school information.
  • Processing: Open-source software sketchbook to teach programming fundamentals within a visual context.

3D Packages

2D Packages


Industry Resources

Other Program Opportunities


Physical Resources

VES Handbook of Visual Effects

A great rundown of VFX practices, techniques, and industry standards.

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing

An older book, the specific science of compositing math here hasn't changed. If you want to get more into how LUTs, pixels, and compositing operations work, this is the book for you.
Because it's older, it'll have references to very outdated compositing software and isn't going to cover things like virtual production. But hey- it'll go over the math.

Selected Tables, Charts, and Formulas for the Student Cinematographer from the American Cinematographer Manual

Basically a best of the best from the main ASC cinematography book. If you want to start messing with cameras, layouts, and shot planning in digital.
It's a handy reference to become familiar with what's common practice in the physical space

Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games

A good overview of how pipelines work for film, tv, and game production- how do various studios handle their digital asset pipeline and get material through?
Again, little dated now, especially in the previz sections.

The Filmmaker's Guide to Visual Effects

A practical, detailed guide to visual effects for non-VFX specialists working in film and television.

Interesting or Funny

Collaborative Animated Montage

VFX Glossary: In Their Own Words

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