The program spans roughly 8 weeks from June to August. SLP 2024 will run from 16th June to 9th of August. Some time & communication will be required between 1-16 of June for program setup.

It is designed to a part-time/after-hours program and allows for flexibility in how you schedule your time.

In order to get the most out of the program though, we have set the following expectations for our Learners.

  • Work on personal learning development & personal goals

    • Learners are not working on an ASWF project

    • While a cohesive presentable project is an encouraged goal for the program, it is not required

    • A learner who has dedicated the time & effort to the tutorials, but not necessarily produced a “final project” would still be considered a successful learner

  • Dedicate 8-10 hours per week to the Summer Learning Program

    • Work with your Team Lead to identify 5 hours of tutorials on the udemy platform

  • Meet with your team every other week

  • Meet with your mentor weekly

  • Reach out to your Team Lead or Mentor if feeling stuck, frustrated, or demotivated

  • Engage with other learners and mentors in the program slack channel

  • Present on your progress at a final showcase

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