August 1, 2023

Presentation Slides:

New Optional Standard Attributes:

Support automated editorial workflow

reelName, imageCounter, ascFramingDecisionList

Support forensics (“which other shots used that camera and lens before the camera firmware was updated?”)

cameraMake, cameraModel, cameraSerialNumber, cameraFirmware, cameraUuid, cameraLabel

lensMake, lensModel, lensSerialNumber, lensFirmware


Support pickup shots (reproduce critical camera settings)

shutterAngle, cameraCCTSetting, cameraTintSetting

Support metadata-driven match move

sensorCenterOffset, sensorOverallDimensions, sensorPhotositePitch, sensorAcquisitionRectangle

nominalFocalLength, effectiveFocalLength, pinholeFocalLength, entrancePupilOffset

tStop (complementing existing aperture)

Tracking current work in SMPTE

SMPTE is trying to be more agile, and virtual production makes a good test case for their efforts; there’s an overview blog post on their site:

Real-world camera and lens metadata is messy

Camera vendors provide metadata with their own names, their choice of data type, their choice of unit, and perhaps most importantly their own semantics

SMPTE offers metadata normalization definitions

Anyone with a GitHub account can comment on them:

SMPTE works with camera vendors to show how their metadata is mapped to SMPTE RIS OSVP metadata

Anyone with a GitHub account can file an Issue or submit a PR:

ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, RED, Sony contributions so far

The new metadata leverage a very good white paper from Cooke Optics establishing lens terminology for VFX

The definitions in this paper are used in the SMPTE RIS for OSVP camdkit project just mentioned

… that you can find at

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