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TitleCategoryRequestor(s)Preferred File FormatDescription, Purpose, RequirementsLast updated
Example wish list item3DAsset Repo WGUSDShort animation of fur-covered character. For studies of hair shading, anti-aliasing, and motion blur. Need basic hair shading parameters. Don't need animation rig (baked vertices are fine).2021-05-25

Feature/Short Film TimelineVideo/Audio + TimelineOpenTimelineIOOTIO (or AAF, FCPXML, etc.)A full feature or short film timeline, with associated media clips. For understanding of production use cases, we are looking for a working NLE project with many video and audio tracks, clips with trims/handles, transitions, effects, etc. not just a single track with back-to-back clips. Video and audio media could be any format, and need not be high resolution.


Production ShadersShadersOSLOSL (or OSO)A set of few representative, production-complexity OSL shader networks describing the surface properties of an asset. Ideally the shader shaders could be re-applied to simpler geometry (such as a sphere) such that it can be run in a simplified environment like testshade or testrender. The goal is to provide the OSL developers some benchmarking targets for tracking performance evolution and comparing different hardware backends.2021-06-30