10 April 2024

Attendees: Carol Payne, Kaitlin Pollock, JT Nelson, Jennifer Cremer, Bill Ballew, Nuwan Jayawardene, Tracy Priest, Karen Ruggles, John Mertic, Emily Olin


  1. SLP Update (Karen Ruggles)
  2. TAC Diversity Initiative update (John Mertic)


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SLP Update (Karen Ruggles)

TAC Diversity Initiative (John Mertic)

    • Overview: 
      • 2 main governing bodies Governing Board and Technical Advisory Council
      • Org is not top down, but bottom up… so where does DEI fit? 
      • Succession Plan, Rotating Reps
    • Possibility that TAC is treated in in two sections – merit and company
    • Company involvement lacking? 
    • Possibility for D&I members to attend the TAC meeting to be a rep for how D&I can push through their initiatives
    • TSC chair coming at our next meeting
    • After that meeting, our group can help construct some goals and timelines for initiatives

08 May 2024

Attendees: Carol Payne, Rachel Rose, Lori Smallwood, Cary Phillips, Rabih, Nuwan Jayawardene, James Craig, JT Nelson, Emily Olin, Kaitlin Pollock, Karen Ruggles, Bill Ballew, Tracy Priest


  1. Open Source Days info and Update

  2. Summer Learning Program (SLP) Update

  3. TAC Diversity Initiative (Cary Phillips, OpenEXR TSC Chair)

Open Source Days Info and Update

  • Information: Annual, developer-friendly event free and open to everyone associated with SIGGRAPH, but do not need a SIGGRAPH badge to attend. End the day with Beers of a Feather
  • Save the Date July 28 in Denver in-person and Virtual
  • Project townhalls will lead up to SIGGRAPH
  • Looking for presentations, panels, lightning talks Submissions close Sunday. Link to submit: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/open-source-days/program/cfp/

Summer Learning Program Update

  • Officially runs 16 June 2024 - 9 August 2024 (about 8 weeks)
  • Cohort all listed Programming/Software Development as their primary interest
  • Currently have 20 SLPs confirmed, but we will push for 21 this year!
  • Next step is to welcome the SLPs through the onboarding process
  • If you volunteered as a Team Lead or Mentor, please be monitoring your emails in the upcoming weeks
  • Speaker Series will also be organized although less pressing for now

TAC Diversity Initiative (Cary Phillips, OpenEXR TSC Chair)

  • In general, the TAC looks more diverse and all have an alternate
  • OpenEXR began in the early 90s. It was developed and passed around at ILM. Open Sourced in 2003
  • There are a lot of ways we can grow OpenEXR, but there is a small team and a lot relies on Kimball Thurston
  • interest in security push 
  • OpenEXR in state where it needs contributors
  • Learning opportunity to learn CMake, GitHub
  • The domain of the topic doesn't have to be the focus of the Project, but taking a wider lens toward GitHub functions
  • Library initiative - using community rooms to have in-person code jam
  • Good first issues

Action Items 

  1. If you have any mentor resources, please send to Karen or Kaitlin
  2. Implement post-event survey in Dev Day type events

June 2024

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