The success of the Summer Learning Program depends on our volunteers.

We welcome anyone in the entertainment technology industry or adjacent, at any stage in their career, to volunteer with our SLP.

There are opportunities of various time commitments, organized below from least to most time.

Apply for any/all of these opportunities here!

Guest Mentor

~1 hr, one time between June-August 

Fill in for a learner's regular mentor on a week they are not available to meet.

Help introduce them to other areas of the entertainment technology industry.

We often receive a lot of volunteers for guest mentoring so there is no guarantee you'd be matched with a learner during the program.


~1 hr + any prep time needed, one time between June-August 

Present on a topic or come as part of a moderated panel.

Answer questions from our learners and inspire them!

Application Reviewer

~3 hours in late April

Help us read through (anonymized) applications. The only real requirements for this role is interest in finding the best learners for the programs and in helping 

Fill out a google form with your impressions and help us choose this summer's learners!


~6 hours from June-August 

Get paired 1-on-1 with one of this year's Learners.

Meet weekly for 30 minute touchbases on a schedule that works for you and your learner.

Further details on this role available here.

Team Lead

~15 hours from May-August 

Get paired with ~5 Learners in a Small Group Team.

Meet every other week with your team Learners to check in on progress and help your Learners set and meet their goals.

Further details on this role available here.


Want to get even more involved?

Join us at our monthly Diversity & Inclusion Working Group meeting and consider being a part of the Summer Learning Program sub-committee next year!

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