Mentorship Goals

  • Allow the learners to foster relationships within the industry
  • Provide learners with encouragement and feedback
  • Provide the learners with someone to check on progress and encourage accountability to their goals 
    • Given the somewhat unstructured system, this is something we have seen many learners struggle with in previous summers
  • Give the learners a dedicated space to explore topics like
    • Career Path
    • Personal and Professional Development
    • Networking
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Interviews and Job Applications
    • Navigating Transitions (from school to the workforce or between industries)
    • Workplace Relationships
    • Industry Knowledge
  • Help your mentee find resources for questions you may not have the answer to (or research an answer yourself)


  • 12 Weeks
  • 1 June 2023 – 21 August 2023


  • 30 min weekly check-ins (roughly 9-10 meetings over a 12 week period)
  • Keep in contact with your mentee & communicate if you will be absent for a time
  • Optionally but encouraged
    • Engage with your mentee & other learners in the program slack channel
    • Attend the final showcase for all participants on the 21st of August
    • Set your mentee up with a Guest Mentor in another area of the industry (list of Guest Mentor contacts coming soon)

Initial Meeting Suggestions

  • Get to know each other
  • Discuss each others current roles and responsibilities
  • Talk over your mentees goals for the program or help them set them
  • Discuss key challenges facing your mentee at this time
  • Set goals for the mentorship
  • Choose an action item for your mentee to complete for the next meeting
  • Set a schedule for your following meetings
    • We would strongly encourage you to set up a recurring calendar event. It can always be rescheduled if needed but serves as a consistent reminder.

Additional Resources

Program Links

External Links

SLP 2023 (focus on LGBTQIA+ individuals)

SLP 2022 (focus on BIPOC & LatinX communities)

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