Get to know USD by persona


USD for Pipeline Technical Directors
  • Responsible for writing and maintaining tools which will be used in production
  • Maintain existing tools and troubleshoot problems as well as optimize current tools
  • Provide direct help to artists and aid in solving pipeline related problems
  • Liaise with the Systems/Technology/R&D department regarding possible new technology needs

USD for Technical Artists
  • Works in tools like Maya, Houdini, Presto, etc
  • Produces shotwork

USD for Technical Directors
  • Has artistic background but not necessarily working on day-to-day shotwork
  • Sets up everything needed for shots
  • May be more likely to know Python than C++
  • May generate custom schemas including codeless schemas
  • May customize DCC tools via plugins and custom configuration

USD for USD Engineers / Implementors
  • Uses USD to underpin tools/DCCs that artists, TDs, technical artists use
  • Deepest level of coding involved, likely in C++
  • May need to create custom schemas and libraries needed for their tool
  • May submit PRs to OpenUSD project to request changes/add features to USD

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