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By role

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Example - user interviews with someone who uses USD and understanding the stories

  • Engineer
    • uses USD to underpin tools/DCCs that artists, TDs, technical artists use
    • Deepest level of coding involved, likely in C++
    • May need to create custom schemas and libraries needed for their tools
  • Technical Director
    • Has artistic background but not necessarily working on day-to-day shotwork
    • Sets up everything needed for shots
    • May be more likely to know Python than C++
    • May generate custom schemas including codeless schemas
    • May customize DCC tools via plugins and custom configuration
  • Technical Artist
    • Works in tools like Maya, Houdini, Presto, etc
    • Produces shotwork
  • Artist
    • Produces art using existing tools/functionality (potentially not 3d)
    • More artistic than technical

By industry

  • 3d Animation/ VFX
    • See roles above
  • 3d Games
  • 3d AEC
  • 3d Metaverse
  • 3d Web

By experience

  • New: < 1 year (?)
  • Experienced: 1-3 years (?)
  • Expert: 3+ years